LizQuen to start a wellness resort spa?

Heidi Hsia

25 Dec – Enrique Gil recently revealed that he and Liza Soberano have plans to start a business together.

As reported on Push, the actor, who spoke to the media about the plan recently, shared that the two of them would like to open their own wellness resort spa to combine Soberano's interest in wellness and his love of the ocean.

"We actually enjoy getting massages and all things natural. My mum is a big health [enthusiast]... and I really got it from [her] growing up to be very health conscious," he said.

Gil added that it would be a great idea to combine their two passions into expanding Soberano's Hope Hand Foot Wellness as a resort spa.

He also admitted that they were inspired to start such a business after visiting a wellness spa in San Benito called The Farm.

"From all this showbiz things and busy lifestyle and work, to have a little retreat like this, and you don't have to go so far so it's really amazing. When we saw The Farm, I said, 'We can open something like this'. My dream has always been about building my own resort and I would really love to build a wellness resort spa like San Benito but by the beach," he said.

As to when the two will start planning for the business, Gil said that he and Soberano will get to it as soon as their new series wraps up.

(Photo Source: Enrique Gil Instagram)