Liza Wang hopes that medical workers strike will end soon

5 Feb – Veteran star Liza Wang recently admitted that she is not in support of the Hong Kong medical staff going on a strike against the government over the border issue, though stated that she would understand the reason behind it.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress who spoke to the media about the protest, stated that the city needs its medical workers to fight the epidemic.

"But I understand their concerns. I hope that the government will give them more protection. The government has to do a bit more as it's really not enough. They must find a way and not worsen the situation," she said.

Liza added that giving the workers adequate equipment to fight the epidemic would be better, adding that the public would also have to take care of their personal hygiene in order to ease the burden of the doctors and nurses.

As for her thoughts on the issue of the border crossings between the mainland and Hong Kong, Liza said that it is a tough issue as Hong Kong is an international city.

"To me, closing the borders would be better, but Hong Kong citizens who are currently overseas have to come back," she said.

Earlier this week, hundreds of hospital workers in Hong Kong had gone on strike, demanding HKSAR Chief Executive Carrie Lam to completely close the border with mainland China to reduce the risk of the Coronavirus spreading after her refusal to do so.

(Photo Source: TVB)