Liza Soberano wants to prove she's not just a pretty face

8 Mar – Liza Soberano recently reiterated her previous thoughts about being known as a beautiful star, saying that she wants people to know that she is more than that.

As reported on ABS-CBN, the actress, who sat down for an interview with Boy Abunda on his talk show recently, stated that she immediately knew what she wanted after being told continuously that she is just a beautiful face.

"I wanted to be recognised for more than that. Maybe it could be my talent, maybe it could be my heart, but what I want in life is to make a name for myself and to represent what I'm really about," she said.

Soberano stated that she has to work hard, whether in her movies or dramas, in order to achieve just that, adding that she wants people to know that she also has talents and cares about other things.

"[...] eventually the beauty will go away. I will age. I won't look the same as I do now. What legacy can I leave behind to everybody that they will remember me?" she added.

(Photo Source: Liza Soberano Instagram)