Liza Soberano is concern about fellow poor countrymen

Heidi Hsia
·2-min read

24 Mar – Concerned about the fate of her fellow countrymen who are facing difficulties to make ends meet during the pandemic, Liza Soberano recently took to social media to express her thoughts about the issue.

On 22 March, the actress posted her feelings about the needy on Twitter, writing, "My heart bleeds for all the people who cannot afford not to go out and work. They literally have to choose between dying of starvation or dying of COVID. Is our country really this poor to not be able to provide stimulus? Genuine question."

She then noted that the United States has already received two rounds of stimulus and is waiting on the third, and that even the COVID testing and vaccinations are given for free.

"Where is the support for the poor in our country? It's easier to stay at home if everyone has food on the table and money to pay the bills," she added.

While she received some support for her concerns, several others criticised Soberano's tweets, saying that she was comparing a third world country like the Philippines to a first world nation.

To that, the actress expressed, "So what do we do? Just sit back and wait for a miracle to happen? Pray that COVID just disappears? I believe God works wonders but I believe that He gives us the instruments to make that happen. Sad thing is the instruments/decision making are not in our hands."

She also retweeted another post that stated that one should not compare the financial status of other countries but instead look at where the funds go and how it was spent.

However, Soberano also admitted that she was unsure if her thoughts would even change anything.

"We can only pray for compassion now. Good night everyone! God bless all of you. Stay home if you can," she added.

(Photo Source: Liza Soberano Instagram)