Living the Joy of FRED x CÉ LA VI

October is a month packed with festivals and celebrations, and what is one without a good spirit or two? Perhaps this was the sentiment FRED was going for. The French jewellery house has taken over CÉ LA VI for two weekends of passion, leisure, and a prismatic selection of specially crafted cocktails.

The award-winning rooftop Skybar transformed into a Mediterranean haven, as patrons enjoy their collaborative cocktails against the jaw-dropping backdrop of Singapore’s skyline. Beyond their jewellery, this is what FRED wants to spread: the joy of living in the present, to turn every moment in life special. As the French like to say, C’est La Vie.

The selection of curated drinks most certainly does not disappoint. With three aces up their sleeves, each is designed after their most iconic jewellery lines. The selection opens strongly with “Go Beyond”, a refreshing tequila in a flashy blue inspired from Force 10. For those that feel especially lucky for the night, take your Chance Infinie-inspired “Luck Is On Your Side”, a delightful glass of vodka and fruits. Or perhaps, the scenery is awakening your romantic side; complete it with a sweet glass of “Your Way Your Love”, a bubbly gin cocktail made of the image of Pretty Woman.

The FRED x CÉ LA VI experience, cheekily called “Live The Joy”, opens from 21 October to 6 November 2022. Whether you are unwinding on a Friday night after a long week of work, or trying your chances with lady luck on a warm Wednesday afternoon, share your joy with your loved ones against the picturesque view of Singapore.

CÉ LA VI Skybar is located at 1 Bayfront Avenue, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Tower 3, S018971. Opening hours are Monday to Sunday, from 5PM to 1AM.