'Mince pie map' reveals UK city where Christmas treat is most popular as Brits 'set to eat 781 million'

One in five adults think mince pies are best served up on their own, without any kind of topping, though if an accompaniment is a must, double cream was chosen as the best option (Photo: Getty Creative)

Nothing says Christmas like eating a mince pie during the festive period, and now a new ‘mince pie map’ has revealed which part of the UK eats the most.

A survey of 2000 adults by Konditor revealed that the first week in December is the time when most Brits think it is acceptable to tuck into their first mince pie of the festive season - and the sweet mincemeat treat is most popular in Liverpool.

Scousers are estimated to munch an impressive 20 mince pies per person this Christmas, which is five more than the national average of 15, and almost twice as many as people in Southampton or Glasgow.

In total, the UK will eat a staggering 781,177,935 mince pies in total this Christmas.

Konditor's Mince Pie Map (Photo: Konditor)

Leeds came second in the survey, with locals set to eat 16 mince pies, followed by Birmingham and Bristol.

However, apparently a quarter of Brits wouldn’t eat a mince pie until December 2nd, whilst 13 per cent admit to eating them from as early as October.

When it comes down to the actual eating part, one in five adults think mince pies are best served with no topping.

However, double cream was chosen as the best option if an accompaniment is needed, with one in 10 opting for clotted cream and two per cent enjoying their mince pies with cheese!

As the festive season is in full swing, one in five Brits think having their first mince pie is the thing they look forward to the most in the run up to Christmas.

Mince pies for santa

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One fifth say watching festive films is their favourite part of the season, and 31 per cent fantasise about the different Christmas foods they’ll be feasting on.

Konditor have been hand making mince pies from their kitchen for the last 25 years.

Gerhard Jenne, co-owner of Konditor said: “Tucking into a mince pie is truly a sign that Christmas is on the way.

"Everyone seems to have an opinion on mince pies and comment on when we are eating the first one of the year.

“Our survey found the nation as a whole loves a mince pie and our mission is to bring people together over our cakes and mince pies to help spread that joy.”

Read on to discover how partial your city is to mince-pie munching.

The biggest mince pie fans in the country - and how many they’ll eat this winter

Liverpool 20
Leeds 17
Birmingham 16
Bristol 16
Manchester 16
Sheffield 16
Leicester 15
London 15
Edinburgh 14
Belfast 13
Newcastle 13
Plymouth 12
Norwich        11
Glasgow 11
Southampton 11