Would You Live in Britney Spears's Childhood Home?

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Would You Live in Britney Spears's Childhood Home?picture alliance - Getty Images

If you wanted to live like Britney Spears when you were growing up, now's your chance to fulfill that childhood dream. Spears's modest childhood home in Kentwood, Louisiana, has been put up for sale for a not-so-modest price of $1.2 million. But hey, this is American pop royalty we're talking about—the historical significance alone makes this home a one-of-a-kind. Buying this house means you'd be getting a lot more than a three-bedroom, three-bathroom place to live. Along with realizing the superfan's ultimate dream of living where a celeb spent her formative years, you'd also get some of the star's memorabilia.

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This is not the first time this house has been put on the market. It was first sold by Spears's estranged father, Jamie, in 2021 for only $275,000. Just a couple of years later, it appears that the new owners have a better idea of the cultural significance of the property. According to the listing by Keller Williams Realty, the house comes with furniture original to the home, "preserving the essence of the iconic singer's early years." Scrolling through the photos, it is clear that the house is very dated, seemingly perfectly preserved from when Spears lived in it after moving out of Mississippi as a child. There's even a mirror in one of the bedrooms with "Britney Spears" written in curly letters twice on oval pieces of wood.

Besides the aura of celebrity attached to the space, the only other truly remarkable thing about the property is Spears's childhood dance studio. The simple structure is made from bare, wooden walls covered in mirrors and a basic drop ceiling (with some tiles missing, it appears). Considering the pop star's current real estate portfolio, it's a stark contrast to the foyer where she performs her social media videos now.

The ranch-style home sits on 1.87 acres and is a spacious 2,300 square feet, making it the perfect location for a future Britney Spears museum or a superfan's dream Airbnb. Are we slightly paranoid that along with the old furniture would come some negative energy from Spears's problematic father and their fraught relationship? Sure. But if you're excited to own a part of music history like this, maybe the potential bad vibes—and the $1.2 million price tag—would be worth it.

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