Liv Lo Opens Up About Miscarriage Earlier This Year In Emotional Post

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Miscarriage may be the most difficult thing a mother could face, no matter how often it could happen. It is heartbreaking to lose a member of a family even before they could be brought into the world which is why it’s a topic that should be talked about openly among parents. 

Sharing her own struggles and pain on miscarriage, Liv Lo, wife of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ actor Henry Golding, opens up about losing a baby just earlier this year. 

“Emotional journey… pretty traumatic”

liv lo
liv lo

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Liv Lo and Henry Golding recently announced that they were expecting a baby back in November and while everyone congratulated the happy couple for the great news, Lo revealed that it actually wasn’t her first time being pregnant. 

On 20 December, Liv Lo shared a post on her Instagram saying she was ready to talk about her entire experience as she wrote, “We’ve been on our pregnancy journey for awhile now and I’ve posted and deleted before as I didn’t feel comfortable sharing without commentary.”

The fitness guru made a blog post on her website Fitsphere about how she had found out she was first pregnant on 1 January 2020 while they were in Peru. Lo felt like it was “divine timing” as it was on the same date as the couple met 9 years ago.

The celebration didn’t last long, however, as the couple had to go back to their regular schedule of work and travel. While Golding was still production, Lo arranged an appointment with an OBGYN on her 10th week of pregnancy “feeling good otherwise.”

But on the first scan, their baby did not have a heartbeat. 

Despite the heartbreaking news, Lo had to move forward and set up an appointment for the missed abortion procedure alone while her husband was still in the middle of filming in Tokyo.

 “Even with friends in LA to support me, going through the process on my own, and then catching up with him in Tokyo meant that he was left out of the emotional journey,” wrote Lo. “All I needed was a big hug after the procedure, but having to wait a week to travel across the world to catch up to each other was pretty traumatic for me.”

A Miracle In June

henry golding
henry golding

Image Source: Instagram / livlogolding

But this didn’t discourage the couple as Lo believed that “everything would fall into place.” And on June 2020, Lo received great news from her fertility doctor who informed her it was highly likely she could be pregnant again. 

She immediately shared her excitement with Golding when she went home but the couple decided to keep the news private until they were absolutely sure in November. 

“5 months felt like a lifetime but happiness still fills me to overflowing every day as I continue to make the shifts necessary to make space to welcome this miracle into our lives,” she wrote. 

Lo also concluded her blog post on a happy note as she added, “For me, I know that the choices I made are right for me and that what I shed made way for baby Golding. I am looking forward to going on this continued journey with you!”

Lead image source from Instagram / livlogolding.


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