Liu Wen may face multi-million in penalty for contract breach

16 Aug – Despite her patriotic decision to terminate her contract with American luxury brand COACH, it was reported that Chinese supermodel Liu Wen may have to pay the brand a hefty amount in compensation for the termination to take effect.

As reported on Singtao Daily, the model recently announced her withdrawal as the brand's ambassador, after finding out that COACH has made a blunder of stating Hong Kong as an independent country in their previous faux tour shirt.

Liu Wen wrote, "My carelessness in choosing which brand to work with has brought harm to everyone; I apologise to everyone here! I love my motherland and resolutely safeguard China's sovereignty."

However, now it is reported that the model may have to pay approximately RMB160 million (approx. USD 22 million) to the brand for contract breach. COACH reportedly paid the supermodel USD1.5 million a year to be their ambassador in China, and that the penalty could be five times the annual salary.

It is noted that COACH has already pulled the said products back in May after finding the inaccuracy.

(Photo Source: Reuters)