Liu Kai Chi's camp confirms actor's illness

Heidi Hsia
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23 Mar – Amid rumours of an illness, Liu Kai Chi's camp recently released a statement acknowledging the actor's health situation.

As reported on Mingpao, on 22 March, the actor's studio L&P Entertainment shared a statement with the media that read, "First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all friends from all walks of life who love him, care about him, and support him! Uncle Chi has always been enthusiastic about his work, and he is loved and respected by everyone. But recently, Uncle Chi is unwell and has declined related acting work."

"He is now receiving professional treatment and his family members are taking care of him. Please rest assured. Uncle Chi always keeps a low profile and doesn't want to talk more about personal issues. I sincerely ask you all to give respect and space so that he can calmly regulate his body and get well soon; and let Uncle Chi's family concentrate on taking care of him."

Prior to the statement, the Hong Kong media reported that Liu had been diagnosed with stomach cancer last year and required immediate hospitalisation for treatment.

Liu Kai Chi has always been very private about his personal life
Liu Kai Chi has always been very private about his personal life

On the other hand, his good friend Ai Wai revealed that he only knew of Liu's hospitalisation in recent days.

"He wanted to deal with his illness in a low-key manner. I hope he will be well and can leave the hospital soon," he added.

Liu, who has been acting since 1979, has worked in various movies and dramas including "The Bund", "The Election", "Project Gutenberg", and "Shock Wave".

He has also been nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category at the Hong Kong Film Awards six times and won twice for his roles in "Cageman" and "Beast Stalker".

(Photo Source: HK01, L&P Entertainment)