This little self-driving robot has already made a million deliveries

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Starship is a small robot that can deliver food or small supplies autonomously and quickly.

Starship, the small self-driving American robot, capable of delivering food or small equipment over short distances, has just passed the symbolic milestone of one million deliveries. At a time of covid-19 restrictions and social distancing, it is showing its usefulness more than ever, especially on campuses. Of these million deliveries, half were recorded between June 2020 and January 2021.

Starship is present on many campuses in the United States such as the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts and Bowling Green State University in Ohio where this millionth delivery took place. Outside of the United States, Starship is also present in Great Britain, Germany, Denmark and Estonia.

Within these first million deliveries, Starship transported 105,000 bottles of milk, 63,200 pizzas, 43,000 coffees and 40,000 bananas.

Starship is a small self-driving robot, which runs at pedestrian speed and crosses streets on crosswalks. An application is required to place an order and then unlock the robot upon delivery. The very first prototype dates from 2014 and the first deliveries from the end of 2015.

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