Lisa Ch'ng blasted for releasing flight crew list

10 Jan – Lisa Ch'ng recently received backlash from netizens for releasing the names of a flight crew on social media following a long post to express her ire over a customer service issue involving a pen.

As reported on Mingpao, the whole brouhaha sparked recently, when the actress posted her experience online saying that she was denied service on a Cathay Pacific economy flight to Thailand - specifically that no one would serve her when she pressed the service button three times to ask for a pen to fill out her custom forms.

Lisa stated that she then discovered that a flight attendant even turned off a button behind her back on her third attempt, and that she was only able to get her pen after pressing for the fourth time.

The actress stated that she pressed the button again to complain about her experience in hopes that such a thing won't happen again to others, and that a male flight attendant came and apologised to her for the issue.

Following the post, Lisa took to her Instagram Story to share the list of names of the crew working on the flight that day, and went on to praise the person who apologised to her.

When netizens chastised her for sharing the list, Lisa said that she has checked with her lawyer and found that she did not commit any crimes as she wasn't releasing any personal information about them. She also declined to share how she was able to obtain the list.

On the other hand, the Cathay Pacific Airways Flight Attendant Union (FAU) recently released a statement regarding the issue, saying that they are highly concerned about the recent case regarding the disclosure of crew list on social media and it might be an offence against the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. They also urged the airline to conduct a thorough investigation and enhance measurements in protecting crew members' privacy.

"We will keep communicating with the Company and monitoring the situation. For the affected Members, please contact FAU so that we could provide assistance to you."

(Photo Source: Lisa Ching Instagram)