Lionel Richie travels with a tuberose-scented candle

Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie never travels far without his favourite tuberose-scented candle.

The music icon unveiled his debut fragrance collection late last year, with the range including HELLO by Lionel Richie Eau de Toilette and HELLO by Lionel Richie Eau de Parfum.

In a new interview with The Cut, Lionel shared that perfume has long been a passion of his, and while he prefers “fresh” fragrances for himself, he opts for floral scents for his home and hotel rooms.

“I love home so much that I carry it with me, and I try to bring as much of my home with me on the road, in my hotel rooms. There’s jasmine again, there’s lavender again, and the tuberose just brings it all through the roof. I’ll always try to bring a tuberose candle with me to remind me of what I love about home,” he commented. “What makes vacation so fabulous for me is that you don’t want to take a lot of fragrance. You want to feel fresh, light, not heavy at all.”

Lionel swears lavender helps to create a more peaceful mood in any space.

However, the Endless Love hitmaker always avoids scents featuring any heavy or strong notes when it comes to his own choice of fragrance or aftershave.

"When you walk up to someone, you don’t want to knock them over with your fragrance, you want it to be more of an aura, just an expression of you, but one step further,” the 70-year-old smiled.

Lionel’s Hello perfumes come packaged in a glass bottle covered in gold lattice work. They are available to purchase from Amazon, with prices starting at $36 (£27) for a 30ml flacon.

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