What links line, bar, pie, scatter and spider? The Weekend quiz

Thomas Eaton
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The questions

1 Who was the first named Native American on a US stamp?
2 Which archipelago is at the mouth of Galway Bay?
3 The Pythia was the priestess at which ancient site?
4 Who died hours after the 33rd performance of Carmen?
5 Which dog has Pembroke Welsh and Cardigan Welsh breeds?
6 Where did the Joseon dynasty rule for more than 500 years?
7 Which portrait was stolen in 1961 as a protest against the TV licence fee?
8 When was English cricket’s summer of four captains?

The Beach Boys
What links The Beach Boys with Kings of Leon? Photograph: David Farrell/Redferns

What links:
Charles III; William V; George VII; Charlotte I?
10 Line; bar; pie; scatter; spider?
11 Spithead and Nore in 1797; Invergordon in 1931?
12 New Orleans tram; collection of animal figurines; Brick’s wife Maggie?
13 Lima; Baghdad; Tehran; Bamako; Muscat; Havana?
14 The Beach Boys; Kings of Leon; Bee Gees; Haim?
15 Nancy Astor; Margaret Wintringham; Margaret Bondfield and two others?

The answers

1 Pocahontas (1907).
2 Aran Islands.
3 Temple of Apollo, Delphi (Oracle).
4 Bizet.
5 Corgi.
6 Korea (1392–1910).
7 Goya’s Portrait of the Duke of Wellington.
8 1988 (Mike Gatting, John Emburey, Chris Cowdrey and Graham Gooch).
9 Future monarchs in the current line of succession.
10 Types of graphs/charts to illustrate data.
11 Royal Navy mutinies.
12 Titles of Tennessee Williams plays: A Streetcar Named Desire; The Glass Menagerie; Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.
13 Capitals of countries with four-letter names: Peru; Iraq; Iran; Mali; Oman; Cuba.
14 Bands with three siblings: Wilson; Followill; Gibb; Haim.
15 First woman MPs for: Conservatives (1919); Liberals (1921); Labour (1923).