Linkin Park share unseen footage from 2001 concert

Linkin Park

Linkin Park have thrilled fans by sharing a livestream of them watching unseen footage from one of their first gigs in 2001.

Vocalist/guitarist Mike Shinoda, bassist Dave Farrell and DJ/keyboardist Joe Hahn took to YouTube to share footage of them watching clips from the gig, filmed 19 years ago.

During the viewing party, Shinoda, Farrell and Hahn shared anecdotes from back in the day, as they watched the recording of the gig for the first time.

While watching a performance of lead single One Step Closer, Shinoda revealed that the lyrics about a "broken man" were partly inspired by the 1993 Michael Douglas film Falling Down, and were written by him and late frontman Chester Bennington in response to their feelings at the time about the album's producer Don Gilmore.

"We wrote the lyrics about Don. Chester and I sat at that s**tty blue iMac in the lounge of NRG (L.A. recording studios) after having rewritten the song half a dozen times and we were so mad at Don - we wrote the lyrics about him," he said, much to Hahn's surprise.

The band has also asked people to send in "photos, videos, ticket stubs, merchandise, flyers, souvenirs" to help them accumulate memorabilia for the 20th anniversary of their debut album Hybrid Theory in October.

The livestream has been archived on YouTube and is available to watch on the band's official channel.

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