Linda Chung to seek balance between family and career

21 Jan – In the Year of the Rat, Linda Chung hopes to finally find the balance between her career and family life.

As reported on Mingpao, the Canada-based actress, who returned to Hong Kong to attend a mall event in Tsim Sha Tsui shared that she promised herself and her team to work harder this year, after four years of reduced projects and occasional appearances.

"It's time to fully work, making dramas, movies, and releasing albums. But at the same time, I also don't want to spend less time with my family," she said, admitting that she understands how the two things are contradictory to each other.

Asked if her husband Jeremy is supportive of her acting career, Linda said that her husband is the kind of man who thinks that "a happy wife is a happy life".

"We will discuss how to do this. I am grateful that my children get along well with each other. My daughter is three now. She knew that I have to return to work in Hong Kong sometimes, and would remind me to bring her home some toys," she said.

Linda's last series was the 2018 TVB series, "Another Era". Aside from her occasional appearances and TV ads, Linda also released a new song last year, "Mommy I Love You So".

(Photo Source: Linda Chung Instagram)