Linda Chung promotes "Another Era" on social media

12 Sep – Former TVB actress Linda Chung has recently made her first appearance since giving birth to her second child, Jared Anthony.

As reported on On CC, the actress who is still in postpartum recovery, recently shared a video on social media to promote her new drama, "Another Era".

In the video, which was shot in Linda's hometown Vancouver, the actress shared that she is honoured to be given the opportunity to take part in the drama, which is the latest instalment of the "At the Threshold of an Era" franchise.

"I play the role of Janice on the show, who has many hopes and dreams for the green business. She is responsible for bringing a bit more kindness and positivity to everyone," she said.

Linda also took the opportunity to thank her co-star Frankie Lam, whom she worked with in many dramas including "Forensic Heroes".

"I am so happy for the chance to work with him again. He was very patient with me, and gave me a lot of encouragement," she said.

Linda shot the drama while she was on her break from TVB following the birth of her daughter Kelly.

The new drama also co-stars Roger Kwok, Niki Chow, Tavia Yeung, and Benjamin Yuen.

(Photo Source: Linda Chung Instagram)