Linda Chung has left TVB

8 Mar – Her pregnancy wasn't the only thing that Linda Chung announced on social media recently, as she also revealed that she will no longer be a part of TVB.

The actress, who shared the news in the same post that was published last weekend, stated that she has decided to leave TVB after 13 years with the company.

She wrote, "I remember being only 19 when I joined Miss Chinese International and not understanding anything, no self-confidence, and was very shy. TVB was my shelter. They taught me many things and gave me the opportunity to grow and develop myself, help me discover who I am, my talent, and my mission. They gave me the courage to show my true self to the public."

Linda also mentioned several names that she is in gratitude for, including TVB Executive Virginia Lok whom she described as a mother figure who protected her, and Catherine Tsang, who gave Linda her first break.

She also thanked Voice Entertainment's Herman Ho, for helping her achieve her dream of becoming a singer, and TVB Executive Sandy Yue, who gave her the opportunity to gain more experience from doing variety shows.

"Finally, thank you very much for all the other executives of TVB's top management. Without your hard work and support, I will not be at where I am today. I am forever grateful! We may be saying goodbye now, but I do feel like we are going to meet again soon," she added.

(Photo Source: Linda Chung Instagram)