Linda Chung injures arms catering to her children

27 Sep – TVB actress Linda Chung couldn't help but laugh when asked about the scar on her arm that was visible during her recent media appearance.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actress, who made a quick trip to Hong Kong for a job, laughed off the notion of domestic violence, saying it was just a kitchen-related mishap.

"I held a birthday party for the two children and invited over 70 people. My husband and I prepared a big meal... but I accidentally scraped my arm on the hot oven. I couldn't help but scratch at the wound and caused inflammation. It's better now, but it did leave a scar," she said.

However, Linda assured that the party went well despite the small injury.

Speaking about her two kids, the actress was all smiles as she expressed how pleased she is to see them grow up.

"The younger brother is stronger than his sister. It may have something to do with breastfeeding. My daughter Kelly is a tiny version of me. She is talented in arts and she likes to sing and dance," she said.

Asked how long would she be staying in Hong Kong, the actress said that she would only be there for one and a half day.

"Whenever I have to leave home, my children will protest. My daughter will wet the bed and my son will stain the sheets. I pity my husband, but these will all be good memories in the future," she said.

(Photo Source: Linda Chung Instagram)