Lin Chi-ling's wedding to be held at Tainan Art Museum?

15 Nov – More details have recently come to the surface regarding Lin Chi-ling's upcoming wedding reception with husband Akira.

According to Epoch Times, the wedding, which was previously revealed will take place in Tainan on 17 November, has been reported to specifically be held at the Tainan Art Museum.

Sources claimed that the wedding itself will be at the new part of Pavilion 1 and not where all the local monuments are placed.

The report also mentioned that all of the catering will not be done at the venue, but instead sent there, while there will be no extravagant decorations except for some floral arrangements. This came after netizens expressed worry that holding a wedding at an art museum could damage the place.

On the other hand, it is also stated that Lin has invited a small number of celebrity friends to the event, including TV personality Kevin Tsai, good friend Dee Hsu, as well as actress Tammy Chen and her husband Xue Boren.

In a previous interview, Lin's manager revealed that Lin and Akira have decided not to accept any red packets, and instead guests can choose to give them wedding presents.

(Photo Source: Akira Instagram)