Lin Chi-ling thanks Wuhan medical personnel for sacrifice

31 Jan – Taiwanese actress Lin Chi-ling recently expressed her support and encouragement towards the frontline medical staff who have been working hard in Wuhan to treat those plagued by the Novel Coronavirus.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress released a video message on social media a few days ago, saying that these medical personnel are the true heroes during these trying times.

"Thank you for your selfless dedication, and I hope all of you will be able to return to your family safely," she added.

At the same time, Lin also reminded the public to take care of their health - to wash their hands frequently, to stay home and avoid going out when unnecessary, to always wear a mask and to unite in order to surpass the epidemic.

On the other hand, other Taiwanese celebrities have also stepped up and donated to the cause. Mayday was revealed to have given RMB 5 million to the Wuhan Benevolent General Association, while Jay Chou and wife Hannah Quinlivan donated RMB 3 million to the Hubei Charity General Association.

(Photo Source: Lin Chi-ling Instagram)