Lin Chi-ling, Akira featured in Japanese band's new music video

28 Nov – Fans of Lin Chi-ling and her Japanese husband Akira will get to see the two of them working together in the upcoming music video of Japanese band Sandaime J Soul Brothers.


On 26 November, the Japanese music group, who are also Akira's labelmates, dropped the promotional clip of their new single, "White Wings", featuring the couple as star-crossed lovers spanning several generations.



The clip started with a shot of Lin and Akira lying down on a picnic mat. The Taiwanese actress can be heard saying in English, "My love, I miss you so much. I can't stop missing you."



It then showed several different scenes of Akira and Lin in different costumes to mark various time periods, including the modern times, with both stars expressing their desire to reunite over time and space.



The music video will premiere on 29 November.



The couple, who announced their marriage in June this year, held their wedding in Tainan on 17 November.



(Photo Source: On CC)