Lim Peifen Shares How She Uses Praise To Reinforce Good Behaviour In Her Kids

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Praising your children for their good behaviour is the best way to encourage them to continue their streak. At least, this is what YES 93.3FM DJ, Lim Peifen, recently shared on her social media.

On Wednesday (28 April), Peifen uploaded a helpful post on her Instagram that parents may find very inspiring. She explained how to use praise to reinforce good behaviour in kids.

Using Words Of Praise For Kids To Encourage Good Behaviour

words of praise for kids
words of praise for kids

Image source: Instagram / limpeifen

Just like many other parents, Peifen arranges playdates for her son Luke. She believes it helps her son and most children improve their social skills and creativity.

As a mother, Peifen loves playdates herself. She says they’re “one of the many structured concepts for modern-day parents to help children grow and develop.”

She also adds how it’s a great opportunity to meet other parents and hang out while looking after the children.

But during Luke’s playdates, Peifen also noticed that on occasion, her son doesn’t “play nice” with other kids. She has observed that there are moments when her son would refuse to let someone join in while playing or would “take the lead”.

She adds how it can also be difficult when playdates end and Luke gets upset.

But she has finally found a solution to “hopefully eliminate” such behaviour in her son. Instead of attending to her son’s bad behaviour, she now focused on the good ones.

She says, “This means consciously taking note of every time he plays nice or complies when I say ‘time to go’, and praising him for the specific behaviour – ‘you are playing so well with your friends!’ ‘You put on your shoes so quickly after I said we are leaving!'”

“I’m slowly seeing improvements by repeatedly using this method, fingers crossed,” writes Peifen.

Lim Peifen Shares How To Use Words Of Praise For Kids

words of praise for kids
words of praise for kids

Image source: Instagram / limpeifen

Taking inspiration from the book Everyday Parenting: The ABCs of Child Rearing, Peifen shared how to use words of praise to encourage good behaviour in kids. Here are the four points wants parents to know:

1. “Select a good behaviour you want to see”

Before choosing words of praise for kids, you should set your expectations right. Teach them about good and bad behaviours. As every child is different, take note of which if your child’s behaviours you find worthy of praise.

Aside from choosing the good behaviour, it will also be helpful to model it yourself.

During a playdate, for instance, show how you would behave around other people. Be a good example of how they should interact with their peers and let them follow in your footsteps.

2. “When you see it, offer praise immediately and effusively”

The moment your child shows good behaviour, make sure to offer them words of praise. As Peifen mentioned in her post, don’t focus on their bad behaviours. Instead, praise them when they do good.

Words of praise for kids can include: “Good job on packing away all your toys!” or “That was nice of you to help your friend.”

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3. “Tell your child the specific behaviour you just witnessed”

Once you’ve educated your child on good behaviour and displayed a practical example, praise them when follow you.

Let your child know the specific thing made you proud (of them). Then shower them with words of praise to help encourage a repetition of such behaviour.

4. “Add a gentle touch, like a pat on the back or a hug”

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We now know just how words of praise are important for kids to learn good behaviour. But praising them through actions is just as effective.

Affection and support are after all essential to help raise happy children. Studies have even found that a parent’s love can help kids develop higher self-esteem and better academic performance. So aside from singing words of praise for kids, add in an affectionate touch like a pat or a hug.

Lead image source from Instagram / limpeifen.


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