Lily Gladstone Says She’s ‘Feeling the Love Big Time’ After Oscars

While Lily Gladstone may not have won at the Oscars on Sunday, the “Killers of the Flower Moon” actress says she’s “feeling the love big time” in the wake of the ceremony. Gladstone was poised to become the first Native American to win Best Actress, but ultimately lost the category to Emma Stone for “Poor Things.”

Gladstone and Stone had been neck-and-neck all season, but the odds seemed in Gladstone’s favor after she won Best Actress at the Screen Actors Guild awards. Even Stone didn’t think she was going to win, as evidenced by the look of absolute shock on her face when her name was called.

Many took to social media to say Gladstone was “robbed,” and while the actress didn’t directly address the trophy, she seemed to nod to those who rallied around her in a post on X on Monday.

“Feeling the love big time today, especially from Indian Country. Kittō”kuniikaakomimmō”po’waw – seriously, I love you all,” she said. “Better believe when I was leaving the Dolby Theater and walked passed the big Oscar statue I gave that golden booty a little Coup tap – Count: one.”

Gladstone also shouted out the Osage Singers who performed their Oscar-nominated song during the telecast.

“When watching the Osage Singers at the Oscars, my inner voice said ‘They’re the ones bringing us all up on stage tonight, that’s how it should be.’ The history in the film and of the moment rightfully belong to the Osage Nation. What an honor to be close enough to feel the drum.”

The actress will next be seen leading the Hulu true crime series “Under the Bridge,” which premieres in April, and Apple TV+ picked up her well-received indie “Fancy Dance” and will distribute that film later this year.

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