Lily Aldridge was once cut from photoshoot for having 'bad' skin

Lily Aldridge

Lily Aldridge has recalled how she was once let go during a photoshoot for having "bad" skin.

In a new video posted on her YouTube channel, the model candidly discussed the "other side" of the fashion industry and opened up about the time she had an upsetting experience as a teenager in a project for a European designer.

"We get to set, and the photographer...I don't know what I did, but he just didn't like me. He's just complaining about me the whole time and saying my skin was bad. And, granted, I did have bad skin when I was a teenager - actually really bad. I had to go on different medications," she remembered, adding that her complexion on that particular day "wasn't that bad".

Lily was then told by a stylist to call her agency, with an agent informing her that she had been "cancelled" from the photoshoot.

"I'm in the changing room in the studio, with all the people, and they just cancelled me via phone call," the 34-year-old sighed. "The make-up artist was crying because he felt so bad for me. I was just this little kid, really!"

Yet, the brunette beauty decided to make the most of a bad day by heading to Disneyland, where she snacked on churros until "it was all better".

Elsewhere in the 10-minute clip, Lily recalled the time she was dropped at the last minute from a major runway show in Milan because the casting directors decided she was "too short for the look".

"I was in another country! All of my friends were there too. I sat in my hotel room and balled, balled, balled my eyes out," the star, who measures 5ft 9in (1.75 metres), stated. "Called my husband (Caleb Followill) so embarrassed. I went downstairs and had drinks with my friends and used so many curse words. Actually, the thing I'm most ashamed of is all the curse words I was spewing that night!"

To conclude, Lily insisted that she tries to avoid dwelling on the past.

"Don't let anybody narrate your story. You get to write your story. Keep going, keep hustling, keep dreaming big," she smiled.

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