Lilly Wachowski Tells Elon Musk and Ivanka Trump ‘F— Both of You’ After They Quote ‘The Matrix’

Jeremy Fuster
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A note to conservatives: Lilly Wachowski probably will not like it when you quote “The Matrix.”

On Sunday, Tesla founder Elon Musk tweeted that people should “take the red pill,” advice that Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka retweeted with the enthusiastic comment “Taken!” Back in 1999, the red pill was a pivotal moment in “The Matrix,” as Neo is offered the choice to either take a blue pill and forget about the Matrix or to take the red pill and be revealed the truth about how the Matrix has been used by machines to enslave the entire human race.

Musk’s comment and Ivanka Trump’s approval were met with a curt reply from Wachowski. “F— both of you,” she replied on Twitter.

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Fuck both of you

— Lilly Wachowski (@lilly_wachowski) May 17, 2020

In right-wing internet parlance, “taking the red pill” has become slang for taking on conservative political views. The tweet comes as Musk has begun espousing more anti-regulatory views, threatening to restart Tesla’s factories in California in defiance of the state’s mandated closures of businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has also threatened to pull Tesla’s headquarters out of California altogether, calling the stay-at-home orders “fascist.”

A fourth “Matrix” film is currently in development at Warner Bros., but while Lilly Wachowski’s sister, Lana, is returning to write and direct, she is not. Lilly Wachowski is currently working on the Showtime series “Work in Progress,” which was renewed for a second season earlier this year.

“The Matrix 4,” meanwhile, is planning to resume production in July after filming was forced to stop due to the pandemic, and filming is expected to take two additional months to complete.

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