Lili Reinhart calls out body-thinning app

Lili Reinhart

Lili Reinhart has slammed an airbrushing app for giving people unrealistic expectations about their bodies.

The Riverdale actress regularly speaks out about the detrimental effect Photoshop and digital altering can have on young people and she continued her campaign about airbrushing apps on Sunday.

Lili explained to her followers on her Instagram Stories that she was searching for an app to help her resize her photos for Instagram and she came across BodyTune. She then shared a video advertisement for the app which demonstrated how it can be used on an existing photo to thin down arms and legs, bring in stomachs, and make bottoms and waists appear curvier.

"This is not okay. This is why people develop eating disorders. This is why social media has become hazardous to our health. This is why people have unrealistic expectations of their bodies," she began. "This is how unrealistic standards of human bodies have been created - to the point where people alter their bodies surgically to achieve unattainable results."

The Hustlers star then urged her followers against using such apps as they would be helping perpetuate the problem.

"I implore you: do not use these kinds of apps. If you Photoshop your body, you are adding to this problem," the 23-year-old wrote. "We are better than this. Looking 'skinnier' in a photo on Instagram is not worth the detrimental psychological effects that these Photoshopping apps have given our generation... Our bodies should not conform to 'one size fits all.'"

Lili, who has been open about her battle with body dysmorphia, a mental health condition that causes people to obsess about their appearance, talked about the "disgusting problem" with airbrushing apps during a recent interview with Glamour U.K. magazine.

"I would love to see a world where people who are already thin don't need to Photoshop their waist even more, to make young girls, like me, when I was 14 or 16 years old go, 'I thought I was skinny, but maybe I'm not. Maybe I need to have an eating disorder to make my body look like that,'" she said.

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