Lil Yachty, Drake and DaBaby team up in new "Oprah's Bank Account" video

The Grammy-nominated rapper continues to tease his forthcoming fourth studio album with the new visual for "Oprah's Bank Account," which was helmed by Director X.

The nine-minute clip finds Yachty impersonating America's favorite talk-show host as he welcomes collaborators Drake and DaBaby in his own "Boprah Show."

The Canadian rapper serves as Boprah's first guest, with whom he discusses the cultural impact of new "Tok Tik" rappers like Lil "Yacchhy."

Drake humorously describes the "Peek a Boo" vocalist as at "the forefront of that movement of music that should be forgotten about."

Meanwhile, DaBaby shares with Boprah how to compose a chart-topping studio album, explaining to the TV host that "if you make every damn song like an ongoing song, you never gotta make another song again...I'll be triple platinum for the rest of my life."

In a recent interview with Complex, Yachty opened up about the genesis of his latest star-dubbed single.

"It's so crazy because I originally wanted to put Lizzo on it. I sent it to her, and I don't want to say she didn't like it, because she never got back to me on it, which was cool. I understand people are busy," he explained, also adding that DaBaby hopped on "Oprah's Bank Account" after the pair met in Atlanta.

Drake decided to contribute to the single after hearing a snippet on Yachty's Instagram account.

"He was like, 'Yo, this is dope,' which blew my mind. Of course that's the homie, but him showing love like that, [was cool]. Then he [told me to] send it through. I didn't know he was serious, but he got on it," he added.

Yachty also discussed his forthcoming fourth studio album, "Lil Boat 3," which will arrive at a yet-unknown date in the spring.

"Oh, yeah. My album's done. My album is coming very soon. I haven't spoken on it yet, but it's coming. It's ending the trilogy to my 'Lil Boat' series," he teased, also describing the much-anticipated sequel to 2018's "Lil Boat 2" as "pure fun."

In addition to gearing towards the release of "Lil Boat 3," Yachty recently made a cameo appearance in the music video for Drake and Future's latest collaboration, "Life Is Good."

While waiting for the follow-up to 2018's "Nuthin' 2 Prove," discover the clip for Yachty's new single, "Oprah's Bank Account" :