We Like Miley Cyrus' New Blonde Crop So Why is Everyone Being Mean About Her Hair?

Earlier this week we reported that while we were all glued to the Olympics Closing Ceremony on Sunday night, good old Miley Cyrus was creating a right old Twitter storm as she and hairstylist Chris McMillan (the very same man behind Jennifer Aniston’s famous ‘Rachel’ cut) had taken to the scissors.

That’s right, the actress had only gone and cut off (nearly all) of her long locks to form a brand new bleach-blonde pixie crop.  Luckily for us, the busy duo generously created a reportage of Twitter snaps throughout the process, as well as treating us to a final reveal pic once her cut was finished. Too kind!

We applauded her for giving such a drastic new look a try - isn't it fab to see her going for a more edgy vibe? Besides, she's not a Disney star anymore, y'all. And it was pretty clear that Miley liked her new crop too, posting: “Never felt more me in my whole life”. She's been busy posting pictures of it ever since.  

Unfortunately, the new look hasn’t gone down quite so well with a few of her fans – some of whom seem quite distraught at the decision.  Rapper Tyler the Creator was among the critics, tweeting, 'Your barber is an a**hole.' Ouch. He later deleted the message.

One US psychologist has gone so far as to suggest that Miley’s latest beauty look is an indicator she could be suffering emotional trauma! "Miley Cyrus seems stuck in a set of compulsive behaviours that cry out for attention," psychologist Dr Seth Meyers told RadarOnline.com. "Her parade of unusual and provocative behaviour recently reminds me of Britney Spears' downward spiral in the past."

Mean or what?! Do you think everyone's reading into the whole situation just a bit too much? The poor girl is only 19 and may well be trying to shrug off her sugary-sweet Disney days.  It's what teenagers do, right? And surely she’s permitted to do exactly as she wishes with her hair?  We’ve all been there!

Anyway good old Miley fired back at her critics saying 'My dad Billy Ray Cyrus used to tell me, "Opinions are are like a**holes - everybody has one." LOVE my hair. Feel so happy, pretty, and free.'

You go girl!

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