Like the idea of cup noodle-flavoured ice cream?

Seafood cup noodle-flavoured ice cream. Photo: Twitter

Every once in a while, content posted on social media sites gains great attention and becomes an actual product. For example, Japanese food company Nissin’s mystery meat rice bowl launched last month. Now, it seems like another such radical product may carve its way into reality again.

In what seems like a teaser post, Nissin tweeted an image of its seafood cup noodles, except this time not in the shape of a cup. Rather, the packet was rectangular, containing what we can assume is cup noodles and broth with colourful ingredients – condensed into an ice cream form.

And just when you thought that was all, Nissin tweeted another image later that day, this time with curry cup noodles! Instead of the typical colourful ingredients suspended in a creamy white base, we were shown a dull yellow “ice cream” — just like the broth of the curry cup noodle.

Based on the recent actions of Nissin, one cannot help but wonder if this is a new product. But according to a spokesperson from Nissin, the “Seafood Noodle Ice Cream” and “Curry Noodle Ice Cream” are nothing more than a comedic take on “What if there were such a cup noodle”.

However, all hope is not lost! The “Eating T-shirt” and “Mystery Meat Rice Bowl” originated as a joke, but were made into actual products due to overwhelming response to each. Depending on the public’s reactions, there is the possibility that you can get your hands on these savoury noodle popsicles!

We think this is pretty legit. Don’t you think? (Psst, you can always reply to their tweet to tell them to bring this product to life!)

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