Lightning McQueen Has Rolled Up In ‘Rocket League’

On your marks, get set, go! Rocket League has a new vehicle in its garage, and it’s Lightning McQueen from the Cars animated series. In its latest (and arguably finest) collaboration, game developer Psyonix teamed up with Disney and Pixar to drop the Lightning McQueen cosmetic bundle on 7 November.

Fans of the game have seen its fair share of collaborations, including WWE and DC, just to name a few. But it’s safe to say that this was the one fans have been waiting for, and after eight long years, it finally happened.

On top of the spanking new flaming-red chassis of number 95 tearing up the arena, it’ll be the first car to come with dynamic expressions. Lightning McQueen’s eyes will move, blink, express, and react to what’s going on in-game – breathing some life into his character and staying true to the animated series.

Psyonix have gone the extra mile, and included three new decals to spice up Lightning McQueen’s look: the classic red, a spruced up shiny deep crimson, and a Dinoco Blue fit. On top of this, there are also new wheels to choose from, including the iconic whitewall wheels heavily promoted by Luigi’s Casa Della Tires in the movies.

Rocket League Cars Lightning McQueen
Rocket League Cars Lightning McQueen

What’s more, the bundle is completed with a “Life Is A Highway” Player Anthem by Rascal Flatts, the iconic soundtrack that sends any Cars fan into deep nostalgia.

With some fans still disappointed after the announcement of the removal of Rocket League’s player-to-player trading feature coming December, others have been pleasantly surprised with Lightning McQueen’s arrival, and are keeping their eyes peeled for what Psyonix has up their sleeves next.

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