Jessica Simpson shows off her toned legs in a pair of Daisy Dukes and green glittery roller skates

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Jessica Simpson is trading in her cowboy boots for a pair of roller skates.

The 42-year-old actress, singer and designer isn't ready to let go of her Daisy Duke shorts. But in her latest Instagram post, she's opted for new footwear to pair with her look.

"Don't be a Hater, be a Roller Skater," Simpson captioned a photo of herself wearing a bohemian style top with jean shorts and a pair of sparkly green roller skates, which she announced as the latest addition to the Jessica Simpson Collection fashion brand. "Who needs to walk when you can roll...I promise I'm wheely good at this."

The latest Rollstar collection, which went live on Wednesday, includes five styles of roller skates that can elevate any look on the rink. The launch is also reminding Simpson's fans of the music video for her 2006 hit song "A Public Affair," which famously included Christina Applegate, Eva Longoria, Christina Milian, Ryan Seacrest and Andy Dick for a night out on the roller rink.

"This is giving me public affair vibes and I’m here for it," one person commented on Simpson's Instagram post. "Queen of roller blades/skates," wrote another.

Some called out the brand for not including the song in the campaign's marketing, noting that it was a "missed opportunity."

Still, fans were excited to have the memory sparked.

"So we can all live the Public Affair video babyyyyy," a comment on the promotional video reads.

Simpson's followers also couldn't help but to notice how balancing on her skates highlighted her toned legs.

"We're going to need this leg routine," one person wrote. Another commented, "Still has legs for days."

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