CNY 2022: Master Xuchu Zhang's zodiacs – Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig

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All zodiac signs will have good luck in the Gold Tiger year, but misfortunes could also happen. (PHOTO: Getty Images)
All zodiac signs will have good luck in the Gold Tiger year, but misfortunes could also happen. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

By: Master Xuchu Zhang

Now that you've read the first zodiac horoscope instalment - featuring the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon and Snake - let's take a look at the remaining horoscopes.

chinese horoscope sign
Horse zodiac horoscope sign for 2022. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

Horse's horoscope

Horses will confront the White Tiger Star in the Gold Tiger year and can easily clash with the Spouse Palace. Since the White Tiger Star is Yin, Horses should look out for deceit in romantic relationships. When in distress, you can try to relax outdoors and do not overthink or go praying in big temples to calm your mind. Do not spend money on altering your destiny before your fortune turns. Otherwise, you could waste the money while breaking the laws of feng shui at home, which is not worth doing.

Tips and resolutions:

1. Between the Lunar New Year's Day and the Lantern Festival, Horses can burn White Tiger money to resolve the crisis and keep you safe. If any bad star is about to attack, arrange an outdoor trip for yourself to avoid it.

2. The Year of the Tiger brings fortune. Wear clothes of light or deep peach, light coffee, dark violet and blue colours to prevent bloodshed, financial fraud and wasted time with Mr/Mrs Wrong.

3. Be extra careful in the lunar months of March, June and December.

4. Carry a small Horse crystal with you as an amulet to keep you safe and away from malevolent people.

5. Face more towards the Northeast to draw wealth and meet eminent people.

6. After walking into a dead-end, place an aquarium with a water wheel at the left side of the entrance to your house.

7. For people confronting Yin Sha, do not listen to unprofessional fortune tellers.

Crystals to consider buying: Opal, Jade, Lepidolite

Chinese horoscope for CNY
Goat zodiac horoscope sign for 2022. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

Goat's horoscope

Goats will have the Zi Wei Star in the Palace, so try not to act recklessly. Pause for a moment to think and analyse the situation and plan properly to deal with the most important matters first. In the meantime, keep an eye out for the Tian E (Dark Sky) Star that may ruin your arrangements. Harmony is most valuable to turn misfortune into blessings. Only when your family is healthy can the deities' blessings be used.

Tips and resolutions:

1. Pray in the Temple of Wealth on the first, second, fifteenth and sixteenth day of each lunar month.

2. On Lunar New Year's Eve, remember to worship the Lord of the Foundation, the Kitchen God and the Mother of the Bed at home.

3. Both men and women should keep a watchful eye on difficult romantic disputes to avoid suffering financial loss. Anyone who devotes themselves to you for no reason is not a blessing but a disaster that is more annoying than loving.

4. Carry a Goat crystal and a vermilion amulet to prevent attacks from the ominous and keep you safe.

5. Wear clothes of light or dark coffee, light red or crimson, milky white, blue, grey or black colours to prevent financial loss or theft by insiders or outsiders.

6. The God of Wealth and the noble people in the Year of the Tiger are all in the Northwest. Do not buy a home with electric poles, electric boxes or tree stumps in front of it to avoid bad luck.

7. If there's any construction work in progress at the front or back of your house, you may be easily understood in the new year. Hang a crystal ball on the balcony with a yellow net to prevent the evil from rushing into the house.

Crystals to consider buying: Garnet, Fluorite

Traditional papercut art of Monkey for Chinese New Year.
Goat zodiac horoscope sign for 2022. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

Monkey's horoscope

As with the Tigers, the Monkeys will also offend the Tai Sui God this year, so it's important to calm God in the right way. Burning the Tai Sui money is the key, but it's hard to predict if you'll be fooled. The good and the bad will take half and half. Monkeys will be supported by good luck, but they also have chances to grieve in punishments like Chong Sha (negative environment), Sui Po (year breaker) and Da Hao (big waste) Star. So try to attend more celebrations, which will neutralise the disasters. Do not be negligent and lose more than you gain.

Tips and resolutions:

1. Take planes and boats more often to the outlying islands across the sea to resolve the misfortune and bring good luck and noble people. Keep a low profile, and don't be greedy in investments.

2. In the Tai Sui year, pay attention to poisonous wildflowers. However, don't be aggressive and be more measured to avoid lawsuits, resulting in imprisonment.

3. Be extra careful in the lunar months of February, May and November.

4. Wear more black, crimson, light blue, gold and milky white clothes and light grassy-green colours. Do not hurt each other in love.

5. Carry a citrine bracelet of the Monkey to keep the undesirable away and keep you safe.

6. The wealthy and the noble are in the Southeast.

7. Do not buy a house with Tian Zhan Sha (heavenly axe) or Water Tower Sha to keep petty people away.

8. Picking a square house will be beneficial for Monkeys, and avoid houses with Anti-Bow Sha and Peeping Sha. Otherwise, the relationship between the Monkeys' family members may be affected, or the house could be robbed.

9. Hold a moving-in ceremony after buying a home so your family will be safe, healthy and attract fortune.

Crystals to consider buying: Turquoise, Topaz, Amethyst

Traditional papercut rooster art of the Rooster.
Rooster zodiac horoscope sign for 2022. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

Rooster's horoscope

Roosters will be in conflict with the Si Fu (death talisman) Star this year, meaning they will have a lot of trouble, which fluctuates their personalities and makes them forget important matters. Be aware of the vile characters who will drag you down and make you misunderstood. Roosters should be more careful when going out. Keep the doors and windows shut to prevent thieves from entering the home. Pay attention to other tips and resolutions.

Tips and resolutions:

1. Burn the 'death talisman' money between the first and fifteenth of the first lunar month to resolve the bad luck and pray for good luck.

2. Do not covet ill-gotten gains or be too fond of drinks. Resist women's charms and have respect for yourself.

3. Be extra careful in the lunar months of March, May, June and September.

4. Wear purple, light coffee, gold and milky white, black and blue colours.

5. Carry a Rooster crystal and an anti-evil charm with you.

6. The wealthy and the noble are in the Southeast, where Roosters can gain the upper hand.

7. Avoid buying houses close to funeral homes because it will harm those with light-weighted Four Pillars of Destiny or a timid personality. They could be ill more easily.

8. You don't have to buy a luxury house. Having a warm and comfortable home will be enough. If you live in a house with bad luck, the money you earn will be spent on medical treatments, and you won't enjoy it. Also, you could be surrounded by evil people who are difficult to get rid of.

9. Houses in the alleys are filled with negative energy and have little room to add value. Try to buy houses close to the big roads, which will give you more space to develop. Do not bet on your families' lives.

Crystals to consider buying: Garnet, Sapphire, Labradorite

Dog is a Chinese zodiac sign for the Chinese New Year
Dog zodiac horoscope sign for 2022. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

Dog's horoscope

Dogs are in conflict with the Wu Gui Fu (five ghosts talisman) Star in the Year of the Tiger. Be mindful of the demanding little imp, and do not stir up trouble. When the five ghosts take up your Palace, they will set up obstacles for you behind your back. So remember to resolve the five ghosts situation to avoid continuous trouble all year round.

Tips and resolutions:

1. Burn the 'five ghosts money' between the first day of the first lunar month and before the Lantern Festival to prevent the Sha Star from entering your Palace, harming your fortune. Stay away from the 'wildflowers' devoting themselves to you. A love triangle will result in financial loss or even life loss. Women should protect their honour, while men should prevent their homes from falling apart.

2. Evil characters are likely to cause harm to Dogs and make them lose what they've earned.

3. Be extra careful in the lunar months of February, May, June and September.

4. Carry brown quartz of the Dog with you as protection.

5. Wear purple, coffee, gold and milky white, black and blue clothes to prevent accidents.

6. The God of Wealth and the noble are in the south. Therefore, dogs should worship the deities in that direction.

7. If the space in front of your house is too narrow, hang a tai chi stone to resolve this. On the other hand, if the building behind yours is too high, it will be hard for your family to keep the hard-earned fortune and easy to lose it.

Keep a low profile in action to prevent your helpers from becoming your obstacles, slowing you down. You may gain a little but lose a lot because of them.

Crystals to consider buying: Amethyst, Hematite

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with red papercut of the Pig.
Pih zodiac horoscope sign for 2022. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

Pig's horoscope

Pigs are in conflict with Tai Yin in this Year of the Tiger, and peach blossoms will enter your Palace. It'd be best to keep clear of married wives/husbands. For instance, when participating in a group tour or other group activities, you should know how to protect your reputation.

Moreover, when you have any small discomfort, prevent the disease from getting worse so you'll have nothing to worry about. In terms of your home, preparing a feng shui array could be a bonus. Don't be too stubborn; accept it rather than deny it. Heaven will bless the fool.

Tips and resolutions:

1. Between the first and the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, burn 'tai yin money' to resolve any crisis and prevent harm from the wild peach blossoms.

2. When you attend a funeral, bring coarse salt with you to prevent the God of Coffin from affecting your luck. Then, after leaving the funeral home, pour the salt into a ditch to take bad luck away.

3. Be extra careful in the lunar months of January, May, August and November.

4. Wear lucky colours, including pink, milky white, purple, dark blue and light green, to neutralise the negative energy brought by internal evil people.

5. The wealth and the noble lie in the Northeast in the Year of the Tiger.

6. Carry a tai chi stone of Pig with you to block the negative energies and keep you safe.

7. Do not buy any house in front of or behind which lies a coffin-like water tower. If there's a creek or river behind the house, you can often end up fighting to survive, so do not buy any such house.

8. Do not build a room within a room or a secret chamber in your house. Having three doors in a line in a house can adversely affect the relationship between the couple. Both parties could have a secret affair. Fortune can also be impacted. There could be wild peach blossoms to ruin your family's luck.

Crystals to consider buying: Heliotrope, Opal

Above are the horoscopes for Horses to Pigs in 2022.

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