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'Lifesaver for my severe back pain': This bolster pillow is just $21 at Amazon

With the flat side down, it lifts your knees to help you stay in a comfortable position while you slumber.

If you suffer from back pain, you're in good company. According to the Health Policy Institute, about eight percent of adults in the United States have the same affliction — and it's the leading reason people miss work. If you and your spine are looking for a little relief, this Cushy Form Half Moon Bolster Pillow might deliver what you need, and right now you can get it at Amazon for just $21.

The combination of memory foam and its semicircular shape makes this pillow the relaxation upgrade you need. 

$21 at Amazon

Back pain can get in the way of just about everything you do — walking, bending, even sitting. It can certainly make sleeping difficult. However, with just the right positioning, you might be able to take some of the stress off your back. For some people, having the knees bent and lifted just a little bit can ease some of the pressure on the back from lying completely prone. And, thanks to its unique design, that's just what the Cushy Form does. It looks kind of like a cylinder sliced down the middle to make it half-moon. With the flat side down, it stays in place and can help you remain in a comfortable position while you slumber ... pain-free.

For firmness, it's made with memory foam that's pliable but also keeps its shape. The soft and plush cover is made with breathable bamboo, which is removable and machine-washable. The dome on this pillow is 4.5 inches high and 8 inches wide for a comfortable fit, but if you need a bit less lift, you can get a version with a 5.1-inch dome. What's that? Your upper vertebrae need a little love? Get yourself Cushy Form's neck roll.

With memory foam and its unique shape, this pillow is the relaxation upgrade you don't want to pass up.
Banish the sciatica from your siesta with this soft yet supportive pillow. (Amazon)

This pillow has helped an army of fans sleep blissfully through the night — it's received more than 8,000 rave reviews.

"The doctor told me that I had lost the curve in my lower back and I have chronic back pain," shared another rave reviewer. "I bought this pillow and lay with it under my back while watching TV in bed. It is helping me to walk straight up instead of leaning over."

"This half-round has become a lifesaver for my severe back pain," gushed another happy slumberer. "I place it under my knees when I sleep and it really helps for back pain. I use it with a wedge pillow that I bought after shoulder surgery that is now doing double duty for shoulder and back surgery. The half-round pillow relieves the stress so I have no pain when I wake up in the morning."

This relieved customer wrote: "Following hip replacement, my legs were hurting all over, my heels were irritated from rubbing against sheets and recliners, and I just couldn’t get comfortable. I looked at bolsters and decided a half-moon type was best for my needs, that putting it under my ankles should comfortably keep my feet and heels from rubbing the bed and recliners...This is truly an awesome bolster that has provided a lot of relief. I’m extremely happy with it."

"My neck pains are gone," reported this five-star fan. "It has worked out great for me on the lower back as well. Makes for a great travel pillow, since it's not that big yet provides great comfort. Not ideal for side sleepers who like to extend their arms under the pillow, but still works well otherwise."

Cushy + Form = Comfort and Structure, the key ingredients for back pain relief. 

$21 at Amazon

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