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Thursday 09, July

The darkness continues to lift as the Moon floats through magical Pisces today. With sweet angles to the Sun and Mercury throughout the afternoon, it's really easy to tap into the bliss of this astrological moment. And because you need it more than ever, you definitely should - it's perfect for meditation and witchy rituals.

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Wednesday 08, July

Mars is in your opposite sign right now and today he squares off with Mercury Retrograde. That's another way of saying it's rough out there, Libra - especially for a sweet and diplomatic sign like yours. There could be conflict with your partners - both business and personal, so consider putting off difficult conversations for a few more days.

Tuesday 07, July

The Moon is in your sister air sign and the feeling is groovy, Libra. With lunar energy in Aquarius, everything is perfectly creative, romantic, and a little bit weird in the best possible way. This is a delicious relief after the end of eclipse season - enjoy it!

Monday 06, July

Eclipse season is finally, truly over after what feels like an endless month of relentless intensity. Now is when you must keep letting go until you feel like you've wrung your soul clear of any heaviness or dread. You've learned that you can handle anything - and what didn't kill indeed made you a lot stronger.

Sunday 05, July

It's the big finale of the eclipse triplicity that started in June. There has been so much emotional upheaval and this one hits your house of family and your home. Don't worry about your future right now because your past and present are what speak to your soul the most under the current conditions.

Saturday 04, July

The stars are intensifying as we get closer to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse taking place in your home zone tomorrow, Libra. You're already getting the preview., so take note. Do your best to stay grounded and centered in the midst of the impending storm. If anyone can do that, it's you.

Friday 03, July

The incoming lunar energy is all about speaking your truth right now, Libra. You may be feeling a bit emotional and confused, but still, you want to speak up. If you need to write it all first, by all means, do that. Don't keep it all trapped in your head or you'll get anxious.

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