Li Chun 2023: When is the most auspicious time to deposit your money?

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When is the best time to deposit money on Li Chun? (Photos: Getty Images)

Yes, we know it's not even Christmas yet, but it won't be long before spring is upon us (metaphorically, at least in Singapore).

With the Lunar New Year arriving earlier in 2023 on 22 January and barely two months away, it's already time to start looking at Li Chun, which signifies the beginning of Spring.

Based on the Chinese solar calendar, Li Chun will fall on 4 February 2023, beginning at 10.47am.

And as most of you will know by now, a popular Li Chun tradition in Asia is to deposit money into your bank account, as this signifies money coming for the whole year ahead.

But you can't just deposit money at any timing — depending on your Chinese zodiac animal, fengshui masters and astrologists will tell you that there's a fixed time period that is the most auspicious for you.

And if you'd like to take it to the next level, each time slot also has its own auspicious colours to wear while making the deposit. Of course, not everyone agrees on Li Chun having any impact on your financial health for the year, but it's still a fun tradition for some.

Best timings, according to your Chinese zodiac

According to Way Fengshui, 2023's forecast makes 9am to 1pm on 4 February the best time to deposit money for all zodiacs, except those born in Tiger, Rabbit, Goat and Pig years.

In addition to 9am to 1pm on 4 Feb, most zodiacs still have two other "good" periods for depositing money, with the Horse and the Pig getting an additional slot, while the Ox and the Monkey have no other timings outside of that morning.

  • 4 Feb 2023 1pm to 3pm - Rabbit, Horse, Goat, Pig

  • 4 Feb 2023 3pm to 5pm - Rat, Dragon, Snake

  • 4 Feb 2023 7pm to 9pm - Tiger, Rabbit, Horse

  • 5 Feb 2023 1am to 3am - Rat, Snake, Rooster

  • 5 Feb 2023 3am to 5am - Horse, Dog, Pig

  • 5 Feb 2023 5am to 7am - Goat, Dog, Pig

Take note, though, there are also some timings which you shouldn't be queuing to put money into your account - 5pm to 7pm and 9pm to 1am (on 5 February) are considered inauspicious periods.

So, what happens if you really can't spare the time to queue at your nearest cash deposit machine?

Well, depositing money via online banking or getting a friend to transfer money to you is also supposed to count.

Guess even traditions need to keep up with the times!

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