Li Chun 2021: Best Savings Accounts For Kids To Deposit Ang Bao Money

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It’s that time of year again! Li Chun 2021 is falling at the beginning of Spring. It is believed to be an ox-picious day to ‘grow’ one’s wealth, which in today’s context means making a well-timed deposit to you and/or your child’s bank account.

Even without checking the calendar, you’ll know Li Chun 2021 has arrived as there’ll be long lines across ATMs islandwide. While this tradition takes a page out of the basic money management handbook, it also serves as an important lesson for the little ones to start growing their savings from their ang bao money collection instead of spending it unnecessarily.

Why Its Important To Deposit Ang Bao Money In Savings Account?

li chun 2021
li chun 2021

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If this is your first foray into money parenting, let us quell any jitters you may be feeling. Eastspring Investments’s recent study showed that over half of the 10,000 parents surveyed doubt if they’ve been successful role models for their kids when it comes to money management.

But you’re definitely on the right track by opening and subsequently depositing their ang bao collection.

Not only does it help to build up funds securely with the help of attractive interest rates — a perk no piggy bank can offer — it also teaches them invaluable saving habits, the very foundation one needs to develop a good grip on their finances.

Moreover, when your child comes of age, you can easily hand the reins over to them as they start navigating the realm of online banking, learn to make their own deposits and handle transactions with a debit or credit card.

In time, they’ll be able to bump up their interest rate when they convert to a high-yield savings account once they reach the age requirement.

Li Chun 2021: Best Saving Accounts For Your Kids’ Ang Bao Stash

Here, we’ve put together the very best savings account for this occasion.

Name of Savings Account

Interest Rate

Key Benefits

Minimum Deposit

Age Requirement for Child

Fees & Charges

POSB My Account

0.05% p.a. base interest

Up to 0.25% p.a.

Start an account with $1 gift deposit

Able to convert My Account to a DBS Multiplier Account

Coin deposit fee not needed (Pocket money-friendly!)

Exchange and save up to 13 different currencies

Get free POPULAR student membership for one year

Coin deposit fee not required

Initial deposit not required

Age requirement not applicable

Account fee of $2 per month for account holders above 16 years old

OCBC Mighty Savers Account

0.05% p.a. base interest

Up to 0.20% p.a.

Account holders get priority queue service on Sundays, at any ‘Sunday at OCBC’ branch

Coin deposit fee not required

Initial deposit not required

Below 16 years old

Service fee waived

UOB Junior Savers Account

0.05% p.a. base interest

Up to 0.20% p.a.

Make monthly transfers to the UOB Junior Savers Account from an existing UOB account
Convert Junior Savers Account to a regular UOB account at 16 years old

Get free insurance coverage that’s up to 100% of the account balance


Below 16 years old

$2 minimum balance fee if balance is below $500

CIMB Junior Saver Account

0.20% p.a. base interest

Up to 0.80% p.a.

Open your child’s Junior Saver account online

Attractive base interest rate


Below 12 years old

Min. amount to earn interest: $1,000

No fall below fee

Early account closure fee (within 6 months): $50

Monthly account fee: $1

Maybank Youngstarz Account

0.1875% p.a. base interest

Earn up to 3X interest rate with Maybank Family Plus
Account holders enjoy privileges during birthday month

Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease hospitalisation and outpatient insurance (if min. balance of $5,000)


Below 16 years old

Early account closure fee (within 6 months): $30

No fall below fee

1. POSB My Account

li chun 2021
li chun 2021

Is there a more approachable financial institution than POSB?

A true blue icon that’s practically embroidered in our nation’s fabric, you may want to consider opening up POSB’s My Account come 3 February 2021. With no minimum initial deposit and age requirement, you can focus on growing your money — whether big or small — without incurring miscellaneous costs that could chip away at your savings.

The wide range of perks that comes with being an account holder beats the other contenders on this list, ranging from multi-currency capabilities and even a complimentary POPULAR membership for a year.

2. OCBC Mighty Savers Account

li chun 2021
li chun 2021

If you love beating the queue, this pocket money-friendly savings account gives you that privilege on Sundays (at selected OCBC branches)! You can also deposit coins at no charge and earn a decent 0.20% total interest rate without having to jump through hoops or have a million dollar balance.

Simply avoid making any withdrawals within the month and open an OCBC Child Development Account (CDA) to be eligible for the higher tier interest rates — easy peasy for Li Chun 2021!

3. UOB Junior Savers Account

li chun 2021
li chun 2021

UOB Junior Savers Account gives you the opportunity to earn up to 0.20% interest rate — albeit with a sizable starting deposit of $500. You’ll also incur a $2 fee if your balance amount falls below $500.

On the bright side, account holders enjoy complimentary insurance coverage which practically incentivises you to save more — the higher your account balance, the higher the coverage amount. For added convenience, you can set up a monthly fund transfer to your child’s Junior Savers Account if you are an existing UOB account holder.

4. CIMB Junior Saver Account

li chun 2021
li chun 2021

At 0.20% p.a. interest rate, CIMB Junior Saver Account starting interest is on par with the highest interest tier on other accounts, in which you would typically need an account balance of over a million dollars to unlock (yikes).

Impressively, the account’s clear stand-out is its highest interest tier which totals up to 0.80% p.a. There’s no fall below fees to worry about. However, the required age is the lowest out of the bunch — 12 years and below — which means it’s best to open this account as early as possible before your child misses the window. There’s also the dreaded monthly account fee and hefty account closure fee to contend with.

5. Maybank Youngstarz Account

li chun 2021
li chun 2021

There’s much fun to be had as a Maybank Youngstarz Account holder. Besides enjoying a decent base interest, you’ll also be privy to exclusive privileges that your kids will surely love, such as POPULAR vouchers worth $30 and birthday deals at Pororo Park Singapore.

Complimentary insurance coverage for Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Hospitalisation and outpatient care is nothing to sneeze at either. If you’re able to keep a considerably high but attainable account balance (qualifying amount is $5,000 or more), you can look forward to worldwide personal accident insurance coverage for both you and your child.

This article was first published on SingSaver and republished on theAsianparent with permission.


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