How LG's expertise is shaking up the interior of the new Mercedes EQS

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LG helped make the MBUX Hyperscreen, available for the Mercedes-Benz EQS.

One year after its CES presentation, the MBUX Hyperscreen is now available as an option on the Mercedes EQS, the German automaker's 100% electric sedan. Produced in collaboration with LG, this futuristic dashboard is a first concrete example of what the interior design of tomorrow's electric vehicles might look like.

Inside the Mercedes EQS, the MBUX Hyperscreen really doesn't go unnoticed. This all-new, high-end, optional infotainment system spans the entire width of the dashboard. It actually consists of three screens, one LCD screen for instrument display and two OLED screens for infotainment, all under a bonded glass cover giving the illusion of a single, continuous, curved screen. Without a single physical button, the interface is entirely touch-sensitive. It is precisely this surface that LG's research and development teams have been working on, both in its shape and its surface treatment. Note that the unit is also particularly resistant, especially in the event of a front-end collision.

The combination of expertise from these two manufacturing giants was always destined to impress. In addition to its spectacular and practical aspects, the MBUX Hyperscreen is also loaded with artificial intelligence, which materializes on the screen with personalized suggestions for both driving comfort and entertainment. The most important applications will always be suggested to the driver in an intuitive and contextual way. The system can even be adapted to the front passenger and offer a dedicated display.

David Bénard

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