LGBTQ-friendly businesses light up in pink in support of Pink Dot rally

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SINGAPORE — The 13th edition of Pink Dot, Singapore's annual demonstration for LGBTQ rights, is happening this Saturday on 12 June. Pink Dot, normally held at the Speakers' Corner in Hong Lim Park, will once again hold a virtual edition this year, since large physical gatherings are not allowed during the pandemic. Like last year, households and businesses were once more asked to display pink lights to show their solidarity with the queer community.

Pink Dot shared on its social media yesterday photos of businesses that had already answered the call to light up in pink in support of LGBTQ equality. Businesses and venues that were featured included Smol, The Body Shop, The Lo & Behold Group, Loewe, Salad Stop, PS. Cafe, Pasir Panjang Power Station, Crate & Barrel,, and Sing See Soon Floral & Landscape. 

Pink Dot said in its post:

It’s heartening to see diff spaces and businesses lighting up in solidarity with the #lgbtq community.

The past 2 years has been tough on the community with the Covid-19 pandemic, with transphobic and homophobic incidents, with Section 377A - an archaic and unconstitutional law still in the books even though it is not enforced and its many trickle down effects. These pink lights may not strike down unjust laws, but they serve as a reminder for our community to keep hope, that change will come no matter how long it takes, and we will never stop advocating for a more just and equal society for everyone, for the #freedomtolove.

Last week, Red Dot for Pink Dot, a group of businesses that run the sponsorship drive for the Pink Dot event, announced that more than 50 businesses had signed on as sponsors for the Pink Dot livestream.

Celebrities in Singapore have also spoken up for diversity, equality and LGBTQ rights, including Allan Wu, Lim Yu-beng and Pam Oei. 

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