Levi’s and Stüssy are releasing their second collab of 2023

Levi’s Stüssy
Levi’s Stüssy

Levi’s and Stüssy have come together once again for a second capsule collection in 2023 following the runaway success of a collaborative release earlier this year.

The American companies, both of which have their roots in California, use their new collaboration as a tribute to the rugged landscape of their home state.

Levi’s is renowned for its jeans, which was invented in 1873. The brand has a presence in over 110 countries today.

Stüssy, on the other hand, grew organically from youth movements in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Its creator is surfer Shawn Stüssy, who went from customising surfboards for friends and locals in Laguna Beach, California, to creating T-shirts and shorts.

Today, the brand has established itself as a major force in clothing that both inspires (and is inspired by) a diverse range of progressive movements in art, music and skating from around the world.

More about the new Levi’s and Stüssy collection

Three unique colourways

Pink jeans
Pink jeans

Clothing collection
Clothing collection

Levis Stussy collection
Levis Stussy collection

The new collection features a range of limited-edition trucker jackets and jeans in three distinctive colourways: black, brown, and pink.

Each of the pieces have a washed vintage feel and appear unique. They have been created from jacquard fabric and finished with two-tone garment dyes.

Prices, when and where to buy the new Levi’s and Stüssy collection

The new Levi’s and Stüssy collection is available at Levi’s ION Orchard and from 10 November 2023.

The trucker jackets are priced at SGD 349.90 while the jeans are priced at SGD 249.90 apiece.

What was featured in the previous collaboration of 2023?

Earlier in February 2023, the two brands unveiled their Spring/Summer 2023 collaborative collection featuring an iconic pair of 501 Jeans and a modified Type II Trucker Jacket.

Stüssy gave its beloved streetwear design aesthetic to both items of clothing, which are originally Levi’s creations.

The collaboration was launched to mark the 150th anniversary of the 501 Jeans. As such, the collection’s 501 Jeans came with an anniversary pocket flasher and a special edition pocket bag print.

(Hero and Featured images: Levi’s x Stüssy)

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