A Letter To My Unborn Child: “I Want You To Fly High And Dream Big”

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Hi baby,

This is your mum. I have just come home from my 26th week scan today. I reached the centre early and your dad came in a bit late, but he was in time for the scan. You were not quite active yesterday and didn’t kick enough, so I was a bit worried about your health. But thankfully, the doctor said that you are doing perfectly fine.

When your older brother was in my tummy, he gave me a lot of trouble and I couldn’t eat anything back then. Even after the first trimester, I kept feeling nauseated. But you have been very cooperative and understanding, and I am happily indulging my cravings.

Although, I must share that my gynaecologist rebuked me last time and asked me to keep a check on my weight.

letter to unborn child
letter to unborn child

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She is quite strict and has also prepared a diet chart for me. She says that my excess weight gain will complicate the pregnancy and it can also risk your health. So from today, I promise to eat healthy and also in moderation. But on a few cheat days, I might indulge in a tiny piece of chocolate. I know how it makes you happy too!

I have already started feeling tired, especially from running around the house after your 4-year-old brother.

Let me tell you, he will be best brother ever! He is a caring and a super chilled little dude. At the moment, he is not attending physical school (and I am happy to spend even more time with him before your arrival) and is busy with his online classes because we are in the middle of a pandemic.

Hopefully, by the time you read this letter, the pandemic would have bid us adieu (fingers crossed).

The past few months have been quite tough, not only for us but for everyone. Then the news of your arrival came and it brought us so much joy and hope in this adversity.

letter to unborn child
letter to unborn child

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Everyone is extremely protective of me right now. Your dad calls daily from work to check if I’ve had my meals on time and your elder brother reminds me to wear my mask and wash my hands every time I return home.

I am also experiencing mood swings due to hormonal changes that are taking place in my body. My pants have gotten tighter and I recently purchased new set of maternity clothes. They are very comfortable and I will be wearing them for the next few months.

letter to unborn child
letter to unborn child

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To take care of my mental health, I have also enrolled for prenatal yoga classes. It is the most relaxing time of my day. It gives me the opportunity to bond and connect with you. Yes, it’s my second pregnancy but the joy and excitement is still the same.

I am eagerly waiting to hold you in my arms, my sweet baby.

You will have great-grandparents to pamper you and they are also eagerly waiting for your arrival into this world. I want to tell you, irrespective of whether you are born a girl or a boy, you will be treated with love and respect.

Let me also share some advice with you.

You should live your life to the fullest and do what suits you best. Don’t waste your time trying to please people around you. I will always try my best to understand and support you. I want you to fly high and dream big. There will be times when you are faced with a difference of opinion. It’s okay, as long as you are respectful and sympathetic to everybody.

I want you to know that I will not be able to protect you all the time. I want you to make mistakes, fall and then learn from them. The biggest learning is when you learn from your own mistakes.

Always be confident in your own skin and don’t get bogged down by what society says or thinks. You may be fair, dark, tall or short, it doesn’t matter. Remember that your near and dear ones will always love you and they will always have your back. Last but not least, make your friends wisely.

Thank you for giving us the joy of becoming parents for the second time.

Can’t wait to meet you. Till then take good care of yourself and come out healthy and strong.

Your loving mum


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