Let’s Get Poppin’: Did you know Dr. Pimple Popper has a reality show and a board game called Pimple Pete?


Among all those strangely satisfying and immensely popular video genres — you know, squishing things, whispering, coloring things in — we have to admit, Dr. Pimple Popper’s are one of the most addictive. Who could ever imagine that popping zits would be so oddly satisfying to watch.

With almost 3 million followers on instagram and 4.3 million on YouTube, it’s  of no surprise that Dr. Sandra Lee (AKA Dr. Pimple Popper, AKA The Pimple-Popping Queen) now has a reality show called Dr Pimple Popper. The show is about Dr. Lee on her mission to change her patients’ lives, one pop at a time. The show airs every Monday at 9pm on Singtel TV Channel 254, and it’s sick! (In every sense of the word.)

If that’s not enough for you, popper heads, Dr. Lee also launched a new board game Pimple Pete. Now imagine yourself wearing Dr. Lee’s gloves and popping those zits yourself. (Ohhh… so satisfying!) The game reminds us of that classic game Operation, and it’s only available in the US. Luckily, we’ve teamed up with TLC Singapore and got two sets of the Pimple Pete board game to give away to two COCO+ members!

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