Let’s Break Down the ‘XO, Kitty’ Season 1 Ending, Shall We?

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xo, kitty l to r anthony keyvan as q, anna cathcart as kitty song covey, sang heon lee as min ho in episode 101 of xo, kitty cr park young solnetflix © 2023
Breaking Down the ‘XO, Kitty’ Season 1 EndingNetflix

Our jaws are still on the floor after everything that went down in XO, Kitty season 1 finale. Just when you thought you knew what was going to happen next, the show kept taking a turn again and again and again. Original To All The Boys creator Jenny Han gave us another exciting ending that is making us beg Netflix for another season ASAP. But in case you need a little refresher on how Kitty's current journey came to an end, we've created this handy little recap together.

Here’s the ultimate breakdown of the season 1 finale of XO, Kitty.

Is Kitty okay?

While Kitty is still recovering from her big fall at the talent show, Dae confronts her and Min Ho after Min Ho helped her out. Dae, believing that it's Min Ho who is coming between them, decides to pin him to the wall (didn't know he had that in him!), but Kitty quickly reveals that it's not Min Ho who she's been developing feelings for.

After Min Ho leaves, Kitty tells Dae that it's actually Yuri and that she's liked her ever since the night of Min Ho's party. Dae asks Kitty why did they get back together if she knew about her feelings back then, but she noted that the reason why she came to Korea was for him. Kitty notes that she's still trying to figure out her sexuality before Dae says that he can't do this and leaves.

xo, kitty l to r sang heon lee as min ho, anna cathcart as kitty song covey, choi min yeong as dae in episode 110 of xo, kitty cr courtesy of netflix © 2023

What happened to Alex and his newfound family?

Jina, Lee, Yuri, and Alex all talk outside and reveal to Lee the truth about Alex. Jina tells Lee that she hid Alex from him so that way he could follow his dreams and continue to study. Even though Lee seems upset at first, he tells Alex that he would like to talk with him one-on-one, but Jina tells him it would be better for them to all talk together to work everything out.

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Back at her dorm, Kitty calls her dad who answers the phone frantically. Kitty reveals everything to Dr. Covey, who has the most wholesome reaction but just being happy that she's safe and healthy. He notes that being confused is a normal thing for someone her age, especially since she's gone through a lot of changes over the last semester, but that she's strong enough to go through anything.

He asks her if she's learned anything important and she notes that she learned more about her mother. He tells her that she did what she went there to do, so the trip can still be considered a success.

Q comes in to comfort Kitty as she packs and he tells her that he still needs her there. Kitty says that she's retiring from matchmaking and notes that she still made one good match while at KISS: Q and Florian. Q tells her that he actually found out that Florian was cheating on his exams and that he finds it romantic. They get into an argument after Kitty states that she isn't sure if she agrees that he should've cheated.

xo, kitty l to r michael k lee as professor lee, gia kim as yuri in episode 110 of xo, kitty cr courtesy of netflix &#xa9; 2023

Sounds like it was a big night for everyone.

Oh, it doesn't even end there. The next morning Jina tells Yuri that she invited Alex to come and spend the holidays with them, while also revealing that she is bringing Juliana back. Jina says that all she wants is to see her daughter happy and Juliana's parents agreed. Yuri asks what her dad thinks, and Jina says that she hasn't told him.

Over at the dorms, grades are posted and Florian discovers that he took the top spot in the grade. Q quickly reminds him that he took that spot from Dae, but Florian notes he didn't mean to. Kitty discovers that she gets to stay, but when a professor comes down to see all the commotion about grades, he realizes that Kitty has been staying in the boys' dorm prompting a big meeting with Jina and some high members in the school board.

Kitty tries to defend herself by revealing everything she was going through with her roommate, but Jina says that she has to expel her since her scholarship came with strict rules.

So that's it?! Kitty is just leaving KISS?

We all know that Kitty would not back down without a fight. While grabbing breakfast with Madison, she gains the courage to stand on top of a table and try to get another chance. However, after bringing up her mom, Jina walks away while Alex comes and brings her down.

Kitty starts packing her stuff with Q who apologizes for their big fight. They have a sweet final moment before Min Ho gives her half-assed goodbye.

xo, kitty l to r anna cathcart as kitty song covey, anthony keyvan as q in episode 110 of xo, kitty cr park young solnetflix &#xa9; 2023
Park Young-Sol - Netflix

On her way out, Kitty and Jina bump into each other and she reveals to Kitty that she only left because she didn't want anyone to see her cry during Kitty's big speech. Jina tells her that she's a lot like her mother and gives her the final letter that her mom had sent her when she went back to America. In turn, Kitty gives her the mixtape that she found.

What about Dae? How is he doing?

After finding out he's no longer at the top of his class, Dae reveals to Q that it means that his room and board scholarship will now be revoked. He quickly turns around to see if Kitty passed. He notes that he can't imagine KISS without her and will fight for her now that he knows she made it through. Sadly, Q reveals to him everything that happened and that Kitty left him her mom's necklace with a note that says "this is yours."

Dae immediately calls his dad to give him a ride to the airport so they can catch Kitty before she boards her flight. Dae's dad encourages him not to give up when he realizes the time and he manages to stop her before she officially crosses through security. The two hug and Kitty says that she doesn't regret anything that happened between them, but that this is the end of their relationship. They share one final kiss before officially parting ways.

xo, kitty l to r choi min yeong as dae, anna cathcart as kitty song covey in episode 102 of xo, kitty cr park young solnetflix &#xa9; 2023
Park Young-Sol - Netflix

Kitty's officially gone?!

Well, not yet! As Kitty turns around to get on her flight, she spots Yuri who is waiting for Juliana. Kitty tries to admit her feelings to her but stops when Juliana appears. Upset, Kitty walks away as the girlfriends reunite again. Yuri calls her mom to tell her that she doesn't think that Kitty should be expelled, but we don't get to see the rest of the conversation.

We then see Kitty board her plane where she sits down and reads her mom's letter. Kitty finds out that her mom's first love was actually a guy called Simon. But as she takes a moment to figure it all out, the person who is sitting next to her nudges her aggressively.

Kitty looks to see who it is and it turns out to be Min Ho (in coach?!). While he does tell her that he's visiting his mom in LA, he also says that he sat next to her so she could have a friend. Kitty points out that he didn't really say goodbye and the two joke a bit.

xo, kitty l to r sang heon lee as min ho, anna cathcart as kitty song covey in episode 110 of xo, kitty cr courtesy of netflix &#xa9; 2023

Min Ho asks if she made up with Dae and she responds that she did, but that they also broke up in the process. He is surprised to hear it and laughs when she says, "we were only pen pals," but it was time for them to go their separate ways.

After a few seconds, Min Ho says that he has fallen in love with her "a little bit or a lot." Kitty is about to respond when the flight attendant's announcement to buckle their seatbelt comes on and then the screen fades to black.

What can we expect next?!

Your guess is as good as hours, but the big question is whether or not the show will be coming back. Netflix hasn't made any official announcement about a possible second season, but with a cliffhanger like that, we totally need it to come back. Unlike the original movie trilogy, Kitty actually doesn't have her own book series so we can't read ahead to find out. But at least we can always do a rewatch of the entire To All the Boys universe to see how far our girlie has come.

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