Lesley Chiang's new song will be about dad Paul Chun

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31 May – Lesley Chiang recently revealed that she will be releasing a new song next month and it is for the most important man in her life.

And no, it's not about her engineer fiance Pak-ho.

Speaking to the media about the upcoming release, Lesley said that she is very excited as it's been a while since she released a happy song.

"This song is full of positive energy and I want it to be a gift for everyone. And most importantly, this is a love song that I wrote for my father, a love letter," she said.

The daughter of veteran actor Paul Chun, Lesley often shared how her father took care of her and her brother Benji as a single dad since she was a little girl, after her mother Thelma left their family when she was only one.

Lesley also revealed that the music video will also be a fun one and that she is looking forward to present it to everybody.

It's been three years since she last released her music, and according to the singer, she actually delayed the release since 2020 due to the pandemic.

"I didn't expect it would delay for two years. I wrote several songs in the past few years. When I'm unhappy, I write unhappy songs. Now I am so happy, so I wrote happy songs," she said.

Paul Chun raised his two children as a single dad
Paul Chun raised his two children as a single dad

(Photo Source: Lesley Chiang Instagram)

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