Lesley Chiang donates money for diamond wedding ring to charity

10 Feb – Lesley Chiang recently revealed that she opted for a less expensive sparkly wedding ring instead of a diamond in exchange for donating to charity.

The Hong Kong singer shared a photo of her crystal ring on social media and wrote, "I've always wanted to start off our marriage with something that means a lot to me - which is why I always hinted... *ahem* told Pakho (sneaky, sneak!) that when the time comes, I want a crystal ring."

"Instead of spending a bunch of money on basically an equally sparkly ring, we decided to donate the diamond ring money to the Suicide Prevention Services! I get to have something bling and pretty on my finger, and continue to contribute to the mental health movement as well!" she continued.

Thanking the fans and netizens alike for their well wishes following her announcement, Lesley urged everybody to donate to the Suicide Prevention Service or any other charity that they support.

"Of course, we are all still very concerned with the Australian fires and the Coronavirus right now too. I can't think of a better way to celebrate Our Love," she added.

Back on 2 February, Lesley revealed that she was originally scheduled to tie the knot with her non-showbiz fiancé Pakho on the said date, but decided to postpone it due to the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus.

(Photo Source: Lesley Chiang)