Leo Ku wants to make an inspirational comedy movie

3 Jan – Now that he has personally written and directed his own music video for his song "Beginning of the Heart", Hong Kong singer Leo Ku is one step closer to directing his own movie.

As reported on Sina, the singer recently made an appearance to promote his new song, which is also used as a theme for an insurance company, where he shared that the music video is the first project that he was involved in from start to finish.

Leo added that he has been accumulating experiences in directing through his many self-directed MVs and commercials, and that he even has an idea about his first film project.

"I plan to make an inspirational comedy. I already have a story outline for it," he said.

When asked that he will be able to achieve his directorial dream in 2018, Leo said that it would be quite difficult to do it in the near future since he already has a lot on his plate.

"I want to hold a concert tour, and I also have to shoot a new mainland drama this year," he said.

(Photo Source: Leo Ku Instagram)