Leo Ku teaches fans the right way to wear face masks

30 Jan – After realising that a lot of people do not wear their face masks properly to prevent the spreading of the Novel Coronavirus, Hong Kong singer Leo Ku recently took to social media to share the correct method in donning it.

As reported on Epoch Times, the singer posted a photo of the said green medical-grade face mask and wrote, "The epidemic is getting serious now, and I believe everyone wears masks for safety. But I also saw some friends wearing it in the incorrect way, thus the degree of security is greatly reduced."

"Keep in mind that the wire section should be upward, bend the wire on the bridge of the nose to fit the mask to your face, then pull the lower part of the mask over the chin," he added.

Leo also reminded followers that it is safer to use a surgical mask compared to other kinds of masks sold in stores.

"Remember to remind children and elders to wear masks, wash your hands often and don't forget to use hand sanitizer. I hope that the epidemic will be brought under control. I wish everyone is safe and healthy," he added.

(Photo Source: Leo Ku Instagram)