Leo Ku reunites the Five Fresh Tigers on his stage

16 May – It was a night to remember for fans of the Five Fresh Tigers, when singer Leo Ku surprised them with a special guest appearance from the other four.

As reported on Mingppao, the singer who was part of the group that represented the most popular male young actors in the '90s, performed several songs at his concert before telling the fans, "It is a rare occasion today. Last time it was only four. But today, after much hardship, I have gathered all five."

It is noted that Leo previously shared a photo of him with three members of the group - Louis Koo, Carlo Ng, and Hawick Lau. Ho Yuen Hang was nowhere to be seen.

Audiences cheered as the four tigers came onto stage, and performed Leslie Cheung's "Love of the Past".

They also started poking fun at each other following the performance while they waited for Leo to change wardrobe.

When Louis' old song "Popular" came out and both Ho and Carlo mockingly danced to the song, Louis stated that he could sing it, but that he won't be persuaded to do the dance.

They then went on to perform Leo's song, "Ngo Ngoi Mou Cha Cha", and left the stage to greet the audiences.

Leo later shared a photo from the performance on Instagram, writing, "The Five Fresh Tigers in the Hong Kong Coliseum. All the memories came back."

(Photo Source: Leo Ku Instagram)