Lena Dunham writing interactive novel for Vogue

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham is teaming up with Vogue.com to write an interactive romance novel readers can influence while following it in self-isolation.

The Girls creator announced the new project, titled Verified Strangers, by posting a video on Twitter on Monday in which she told fans that it was "communal" as they get to vote "on where the story goes".

She told fans that the first chapter will appear on Vogue's Instagram Stories page on Tuesday, after which they will be able to vote on what the lead character, Ally, a 32-year-old singleton who is addicted to dating, does next.

Explaining the motivations behind the new project, she tweeted: "While we're #SocialDistancing, I had the wacky idea to write an interactive, serialized fictional romance novel, with @voguemagazine, in which you get to vote on what direction it goes next."

Speaking to Vogue, Dunham said her heroine is "32, single and nursing the kind of heartbreak that has taken years to mend (and may take a few more.)"

Describing the outline of plots readers will be able to take her protagonist on, she added: "Suddenly, Ally goes from tragic dry spell to juggling relationships like she's Don Draper, ignoring the job she needs and p**sing off the friends she loves."

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