Lena Dunham was engaged after Jack Antonoff split

Lena Dunham was engaged after Jack Antonoff split

Lena Dunham was briefly engaged after her split from longtime boyfriend Jack Antonoff.

The Girls creator and star broke up with the musician in 2018 and now tells Cosmopolitan U.K. she quickly found new love and made plans to wed her mystery boyfriend after he proposed with the shoestring from a Timberland boot, but she admits she wasn't in the right mindset to dive into another long-term romance.

"I'd just had a hysterectomy, I'd broken up with my boyfriend, I was in the process of breaking up with my business partner - I had no business buying a pair of shoes, (let alone) getting engaged," Lena told the magazine. "Then I just went, 'You know what? I've been dating since I was 15 years old. I'm allowed to take a break'."

Dunham also revealed she and Antonoff, an in-demand music producer and songwriter who has worked with Taylor Swift and Lorde, are still friends.

"I look back and we had a great ride, we cared for each other...," she shares. "The love you have for someone doesn't disappear because you don't have them; it's just logistically it doesn't work anymore.

"I love him so much. He is a dear, dear friend of mine. Has it been easy every second? No, it's not easy to divide life with someone. There are definitely moments where I was catty, rude or sassy, but he has been beautifully accepting of those, and I've been able to be accepting of his anger, too. What's really nice is we don't try to pretend that we don't have this history together, but we're also willing to move forward."

And that means taking a long break from dating: "I've taken a hiatus from dating, which has been amazing for me."

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